Playing it cool while dating

So, after hiring me as his dating coach, we set to work in rebranding him on We had Tom fill out my long questionnaire and submit to an hour of questions from me on the phone.

"If you don't get up now, I will tickle you until you scream." He stopped humming and stared incredulously at me through messy, light brown locks. He walked us both sideways to the table where his phone was, swiped this way and that for a few seconds, then moved us back to the middle of the room. From the tiny phone speakers, I heard Elvis croon, "Ohhh, my love, my da-aa-rling". A bit intense for two friends having a bit of fun before heading out to chill with the rest of the gang, but also one of my favorite songs.If you’re a regular reader, you probably knew that I was on the CBS Early Show in July. We wrote two new profile essays that were unique, funny and confident.Appearing with me was one of my all-time favorite clients, Tom Pandolfo. We renamed him “Look Ma No Hair.” And we watched as his in-box filled up with interested women.Crisp as a night at the start of spring should be, and gorgeously starry, so most people had left the dorm. " "Anything, as long as it results in you getting up and getting ready! We were both a bit winded, and had ended with him holding me close to him but facing away. He hesitated a bit, as if he were surprised I was playing along.I cursed first my professor for making assignments due Fridays at 10pm and then myself for having procrastinated once again. I winced slightly as I realized that my hands in his were still a little cold, as always. His lips were close to my ears when he spoke, still breathing just a little fast.

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