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The reality is that a lot of us have financial baggage — debt we’re struggling to pay off, or some of us have not-so-great spending habits. Pick your moment Dating expert Christine Hart believes that the time to talk about money is around the sixth date. This kind of conversation can happen around even small things — like whether or not you tote your lunch or how you like to shop (are you a bargain hunter or do you pay full price without batting an eyelid? It doesn’t have to be a deal breaker — but you do have to have an open and honest conversation about it.And while you don’t want to get stuck in a relationship with a walking financial disaster, you need to carefully pick your moments when it comes to bringing up the M-word during those early weeks of a relationship. What kind of debt is it (a student loan or debt from shopping sprees)? Once you’re married to someone his or her debt becomes yours, so you need to make sure you’re okay with it and that there’s a (joint) plan to pay it off. Deal with differences My husband and I had totally different spending habits when we got married — he was a spender and I was a saver.You can make a significant difference in the relationship with your money now.Simply work with a Cash Coach who knows how to clean out what’s holding you back.He would send me emails every single day with words that would melt my heart and make me visualize a world that I could share with him.

He sailed, he had a good job, and he was always picking up the tab for pricey dinners.It's like a scorned lover—they can't make sense of it and feel betrayed.Other people want desperately to direct their own finances and don't feel confident about where to begin. When I worked as a Certified Financial Planner™ for several years at a large firm and eventually in my own practice, my biggest observation with new prospective clients was that they couldn’t talk with me about their money and what they wanted it to do for them.With the global economy in a slump, people are now turning to strange and often outrageous ways to tide themselves over.Surprisingly, dating and romance have not escaped unscathed.

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One feature that these websites have over regular dating websites had is that they allow users to specify how much their potential mates should be earning.

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